Master Konzeptionelles Entwerfen


January 18, 2016

WS 2015/2016 zoom it

Synopsis: Informed by the tradition of sixties and seventies radical architecture, as well as by texts of Critical Theory, students learn to question and rethink architectural “truths“ and start to engage in a process of re-shaping your favorite building or project. Following instructions might help*:
–Zoom it. –Read it. –Hate it. –Crack it. –Trash it. –Work it. –Cut it. –Paste it. –Turn it. ­
–Sort it. –Scale it. –Fix it. –Surf it. –Name it.
* Excerpts from Technologic, Daft Punk

Superstudio’s projects on the “Continuous Monument”, Archigram’s “Walking City“ and Constant’s “New Babylon” react, in form of architecture, to architecture: they comment on the modern grid, take up a position against functionalism, question political, economic, and technological developments. They are part of a critical practice that aims at positioning alternative concepts within their discipline and at re-conceptualizing approaches to architecture. Thereby it is not so much about visions for an unpredictable future, but rather about negotiating the status quo: the ambivalence of modernization, the irreversibility of technological progress, and the politics of capital.

Assignments: The studio starts with a reading workshop from 29.10.2015 to 31.10.2015. Based on selected texts students will aquire key concepts of critical theory / criticality / critical practice, that they present to the seminar in relation to their favorite building or project. Collapsing a critical approach with imagery of your favorite architectural object, you are to prepare a collage or an animated gif, as a key visual of your design project. This project will be developed in the course of the semester to be presented as part of an exhibition at Projektraum Lotte.

– Henri Lefebvre: Die Produktion des Raumes,1974
– Manfredo Tafuri: Architecture and Utopia. Design and Capitalist Development, 1976
– Theodor W. Adorno: Funktionalismus heute, 1977
– Michel de Certeau: Die Kunst des Handelns, 1980
– Kenneth Frampton: Towards a Critical Regionalism: Six Points for an Architecture of Resistance, 1983
– Jane Rendell: Critical Architecture, 2007
– Hal Foster: The Art-Architecture Complex, 2011
– Reinhold Martin: Real Estate as Infrastructure as Architecture, 2014

—— Exhibition:
Projektraum LOTTE
Willy-Brandt Straße 18

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« « Take your favorite project. Zoom it. Hate it. Crack it. Kill it. Photoshop it. Turn it. Scale it. Copy it. Paste it. Fix it.